Termites are one of the most destructive pests and is usually the main concern that homeowners wish they never have to encounter. Other pests only come second to these busy creatures that silently work across your home, bringing destruction in their wake.

Often, these are hard to detect especially if they are attacking parts of your home that you don’t usually visit or can’t check. For example, if you live in a house with concrete walls and wooden rafters, the termites could seriously damage the rafters even before you get wind that there’s a problem!

Unseen problems such as termites are hard to detect unless you know where to look and if you are lucky enough to look before the infestation gets out of hand. The damage can be so huge that the house might have to be demolished to solve the problem! Aside from the disruption in your life, a huge problem like that can be very costly.

Really, the best way to solve a termite problem is to eliminate the termites before they could even begin to do their job! If you are lucky enough to be building your home from the ground up, then call pest control to make sure that the soil around the property and underneath your home will be free of termites.

Assessment and Soil Treatment

The pest control team will test the soil and make a thorough assessment of the property. Termite control products may be poured into the soil to kill resident termites and their eggs. Often, these products are effective for several years, making the soil resistant to these harmful pests.

The team will take care of the perimeter but will ensure that the soil won’t be damaged so that plants and trees can continue to grow over the years. Only the termites will be destroyed in the process.

For a more effective and long-term solution, the house can be constructed with a network of underground pipes known as a reticulation system. These pipes can be used to add the termite control products when necessary, even if the building has long been finished and occupied.

Physical Barriers

Although not so conventional, physical barriers can actually help ensure that the termites won’t have a way of reaching the wooden portions of your home. In the article Why You Need Pre-Construction Termite Protection, suggestions for physical barriers include metal shields underneath the soil. These shields will be impossible for termites to penetrate.

Graded granite stones may also be strategically placed at the base of the home, effectively ensuring that termites could never pass through. Sometimes, something as simple as a stainless steel mesh can also solve the problem.

Protect your home from termites by not allowing them access to any part of your home. By starting counter measures even before a problem manifests, you’ll have nothing to worry about. There is no fear that the termites are silently destroying your home while you sleep.